Come Inside New Orleans Art Gallery 539 Gallery

Date August 8, 2013

Whether you would consider yourself to be an art aficionado or are simply looking for something new to check out in the area of New Orleans, the fact remains that the New Orleans Art Gallery is a great place to visit. This gallery has all kinds of great art work from both local and internationally known artists. Not to mention, there are works from all different mediums to choose from, so you can be sure to find something that will appeal to you regardless of what your specific tastes may be like.

Admission to the gallery is reasonably priced, Read the rest of this entry »

New Orleans Artist Spotlight: James Hussey

Date June 2, 2013

“I believe when I display realism in a painting, it is as important to reflect my feeling on the mood of that subject or to tell a story, much as a poet using all of the color and feeling of one’s mind, otherwise one might just as well take a photograph.”

- James Hussey

James (Jim) Hussey is a lithograph artist known for his beautiful urban prints of the French Quarter and surrounding plantations, such as his ” Read the rest of this entry »

New Orleans Artist Spotlight: Jack Mccann

Date March 25, 2013

New Orleans artist Jack McCann was well known for his watercolors depicting New Orleans in general and the French Quarter in particular. He received his education from the prestigious Cooper Union Institute of Art in New York, and his paintings have won awards from the Alabama Watercolor Society “Cotton” Show, the Birmingham Watercolor Society Exhibits and many other high-profile organizations. Jack was also a veteran of the United States military, having been stationed in the Philippines while serving in the U.S. Navy, 7th Fleet.

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New Orleans Artist Spotlight: Lee Tucker

Date June 13, 2012

Lee Tucker is a New Orleans’ acrylic and watercolor artist and photographer. Through his use of reflections, shadows, light and color, he captures the elegance of his subjects. The souls of pastoral country scenes and the mystic lives of city dwellers are encapsulated within his representational art. Lee’s portraits are true exhibitions of the person’ inter-being.

With the use of his camera and paint brush, Lee’s talents as a terrific artist and a compassionate Read the rest of this entry »

New Orleans Artist Spotlight: Ann Delorge

Date June 11, 2012

Ann deLorge entered the New Orleans, Louisiana art scene in 1971, moving from Georgia to find an artist community. Ann was inspired by the French quarter and enjoys living near like-minded artists who share the interest of actually living from sales of their own artwork. Initially Ann worked with watercolor painting and found it worked well in the New Orleans humid weather conditions. Ann had great success with water color painting, even having a one- woman show! After twenty years of working with watercolor painting, Ann decided to make a change to using acrylic paints Read the rest of this entry »

New Orleans Artist Spotlight: Diane Millsap

Date June 8, 2012

Diane Millsap has become enchanted with the City of New Orleans over the years, and she and her husband have made it a favorite destination when they travel. Enthralled with the architecture, vibrant city life, music and traditions of New Orleans, she has created an entire portfolio of amazing art highlighting the many historic sights, buildings and musicians of the City of New Orleans.

Born in Southern California, as a small child Diane grew up near Chicago, and Read the rest of this entry »

The Art Lost During Katrina And The Recovery Efforts

Date June 4, 2012

Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in various ways. Though the majority of people are well aware of the loss of property, personal possessions and even life that happened in the aftermath of the hurricane, other treasures of the area were lost as well. One of the most devastating items lost during Katrina is art. From personal and private collections to the artwork of native residents of New Orleans, the amount of art lost during the hurricane is almost incalculable.

During recovery efforts, some of the pieces found went through extensive, lengthy and time painstakingly long processes in an Read the rest of this entry »

Hurricane Katrina’s Effect On The New Orleans Art Scene

Date June 2, 2012

Hurricane katrina has definitely had an impact on the art scene in New Orleans. A lot of artwork was destroyed in the flooding. One thing can be said though, even with the physical and emotional damage that was done after the hurricane hit many artist were not deterred. In fact the whole incident has inspired many artist. Many artist have decided to return to New Orleans and pick up where they left off. The story of some of these artist and the Read the rest of this entry »