Hurricane Katrina’s Effect On The New Orleans Art Scene

Date June 2, 2012

Hurricane katrina has definitely had an impact on the art scene in New Orleans. A lot of artwork was destroyed in the flooding. One thing can be said though, even with the physical and emotional damage that was done after the hurricane hit many artist were not deterred. In fact the whole incident has inspired many artist. Many artist have decided to return to New Orleans and pick up where they left off. The story of some of these artist and the fact they are willing to return home and continue their work should inspire us all. They have proven the statement ” Where there’s a will, there is a way”.

We all know New Orleans is know for its vibrant, and lively art and music. After hurricane Katrina hit many art and music lovers wondered what would become of the New Orleans art scene. Luckily some areas like the French Quarter which is an art center for New Orleans barely got hit. New Orleans was built around the French Quarter around the 1700′s. Being one of the oldest areas in New Orleans it is filled with museums and art galleries. The good thing is that it was built before the levee system so it is in an area the remained relatively dry after the flooding. Though there was some damage done by the strong winds, many businesses were able to come back and within a few days reopen their doors. Hurricane Katrina did very little to break the spirit of many of the families,small business owners,and artist in New Orleans. Therefore even though the hurricane took some priceless artwork the spirit of New Orleans and its many great artist lives on.

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