The Art Lost During Katrina And The Recovery Efforts

Date June 4, 2012

Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in various ways. Though the majority of people are well aware of the loss of property, personal possessions and even life that happened in the aftermath of the hurricane, other treasures of the area were lost as well. One of the most devastating items lost during Katrina is art. From personal and private collections to the artwork of native residents of New Orleans, the amount of art lost during the hurricane is almost incalculable.

During recovery efforts, some of the pieces found went through extensive, lengthy and time painstakingly long processes in an attempt to save, recover and even restore the art to its original condition.The whole story can be found at Though some pieces were able to be saved, a large amount of art was forever lost as the restorative work was simply not able to save some of the pieces.

For the most part, Hurricane Katrina caused the most damage to art such as canvas pieces, oil paintings, photography prints and other art that was on paper, canvas or soft material. Some of the metal sculpture and pottery art was able to be restored and thus preserved, however, overall New Orleans suffered a devastating loss of native artwork in the tragedy.

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