New Orleans Artist Spotlight: Diane Millsap

Date June 8, 2012

Diane Millsap has become enchanted with the City of New Orleans over the years, and she and her husband have made it a favorite destination when they travel. Enthralled with the architecture, vibrant city life, music and traditions of New Orleans, she has created an entire portfolio of amazing art highlighting the many historic sights, buildings and musicians of the City of New Orleans.

Born in Southern California, as a small child Diane grew up near Chicago, and today, she and her husband have made their home in a rural area of Northern Illinois. After many trips to New Orleans, she constantly visualizes new inspiration from their travels.

Using brilliantly vibrant colors to capture the essence of New Orleans, Diane has done some brilliant work. She paints today both by commission, and for the purpose of sharing the beautiful City of New Orleans with the world.

The famous architecture of New Orleans is a recurring theme in her paintings, as are jazz musicians, incredibly beautiful street scenes and depictions of traditional celebrations like Mardis Gras that are native to New Orleans.
In New Orleans, her work can be seen at the KAKO Gallery on Royal Street in the French Quarter.

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