New Orleans Artist Spotlight: Ann Delorge

Date June 11, 2012

Ann deLorge entered the New Orleans, Louisiana art scene in 1971, moving from Georgia to find an artist community. Ann was inspired by the French quarter and enjoys living near like-minded artists who share the interest of actually living from sales of their own artwork. Initially Ann worked with watercolor painting and found it worked well in the New Orleans humid weather conditions. Ann had great success with water color painting, even having a one- woman show! After twenty years of working with watercolor painting, Ann decided to make a change to using acrylic paints instead of using water colors and has been inspired by contemporary New Orleans jazz music. Jazz music sounds lead Ann to paint with bright colors that clash and blend with images of parades and people on balconies and streets of New Orleans, Louisiana. Many of Ann’s paintings are of jazz musicians playing musical instruments such as saxophone, trumpet and bass. Recently Ann deLorge has been working in the coveted Jackson Square district of New Orleans which only releases two hundred permits annually to artists. Ann sells prints and original artwork. In addition Ann deLorge can be commissioned for artwork projects by individuals or businesses.Take a look here to learn more: Jazz as Dance

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