New Orleans Artist Spotlight: Lee Tucker

Date June 13, 2012

Lee Tucker is a New Orleans’ acrylic and watercolor artist and photographer. Through his use of reflections, shadows, light and color, he captures the elegance of his subjects. The souls of pastoral country scenes and the mystic lives of city dwellers are encapsulated within his representational art. Lee’s portraits are true exhibitions of the person’ inter-being.

With the use of his camera and paint brush, Lee’s talents as a terrific artist and a compassionate member of his New Orleans’s community are recognized world wide.Check out this link here. He was awarded the New Orleans’ Mayor Arts Award in 2003 and has been commissioned for art work from large corporations. Lee has even been commissioned to paint portraits for retired Louisiana’s Court Criminal Justices. Also, wonderful albums, CD’s and cassette covers are credits to his portfolio, such as ‘New Orleans on Parade.’

Lee earned a Bachelor of Fine Art’s Degree from Southwest Missouri State University. He is a native of St. Louis and has made New Orleans his home.

Lee’s heart is felt by many, especially from the children that live in New Orleans. His compassion has led him to start art programs for inner-city children. He serves on multiple boards that help children develop their own art abilities.

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